Funding Dreams

Access Community Fund

The community fund is an initiative designed to support projects within our common bond for social, cultural or charitable purposes. Projects should reflect the ethos and values of Access Credit Union and the Credit Union movement in general.

With the Credit Union, EVERY member is a SHAREHOLDER! That means you!

The big difference

This big difference has an even bigger impact because this fact changes EVERYTHING. When your members are your shareholders, you are answerable to them. You must do your best for them. They are ALL important. Regardless of how much money they have. You must act in their best interests and do what’s best for them. ALL THE TIME

All members matter to us

At Access Credit Union, all of our members matter to us, and they decide where profits go. Our members receive a dividend if our end-of-year surplus allows, and/or our board is selected by you; our members choose what community projects to support by way of sponsorships.

You could say it is a Funding Dreams cycle. You take out a Credit Union Loan or open a Credit Union account, and any money made goes back into your local community. Simple.

Where you bank really does matter. Choose the Credit Union, Choose Local, Choose Community